Agent(e) des services aux membres et des licences



The agent (e) member services and licenses is a highly motivated, dynamic and skilled Whose hand function is to Ensure touch with frontline members and suppliers on programs and CRKN services. The incumbent must learn teamwork and be reliable to build relationships with organisms and at multiple levels and excel in an organizational framework Evolving. Reporting to the CEO, the agent (e) Member Services and licenses serve as a resource to members Who she or he will Provide significant carrier in Both official languages ​​for activities Regarding happy and activities licensing. This position requires the incumbent is a person who cares about the service delivery and is naturally inclined to cultivate relationships with customers, both, internal and external. in addition, the incumbent must aussi use critical thinking and Understand why and how the provision of value added services. The Ability to multi-task, to show attention to detail and Demonstrate ease of use of software applications, Including Excel, is a key to success That he or she will win in this role.

The specific Duties and Responsibilities of the position are:

1)   services to members and media

· Together with –other members of the Licensing team, exercise leadership from members to solve problems related to licensing (clarification on gold licenses on Their happy, add or remove titles, etc.) Provide Ongoing Support Throughout the life of the licenses.

· Work with key agents of happy and licenses, Maintaining critical operations CRKN Affecting electronic glad acquisition through participation in the process of licensing and building and Maintaining Active relationships with content providers and publishers appointed.

· Work with publishers Proactively étroitement and competent staff and member libraries of CRKN (since librarians of systems to the library directors) to Ensure the proper functioning of technical access / support / licenses.

· In icts essential ancillary role in providing good good good happy CRKN, Understand and keep abreast of the issues and current and emerging trends That Could Affect the library Communities at home and abroad, Including scanning electronic resources and digital services.

· Analyse the specific needs and requirements of member institutions and report, as well as the ranks of products available via the content providers, identify gaps and recommend strategies or options to fill.

· Find and recommend innovative solutions to Improve the Process of Disseminating information on the members to licenses.

· In conjunction with the CEO, key team members licenses and outside consultants, and recommend strategies for members to contribuer Their awareness, messages of social media support (Twitter PARTICULARLY) and help organizational communication materials Affecting members.

· Participate in activities and Promoting general schedule of CRKN, Including making presentations at meetings and conferences (in French and English), and perform –other duties as required.

2)   Analysis and Monitoring

· As a member of the licensing team, working with experts in étroitement licensing and employed –other Within CRKN to Provide Support for oversight and management of the database of members, and related systems files, Including mailing lists.

· Monitor the license directory and agreements to electronic resources CRKN, Including the management of securities and Any license lists, and maintenance of licensed happy CRKN website for members.

· Write and summarize the Service Proposals to members as a result of licensing negotiations.

· Work with the finance department étroitement for the financial commitment of the participante members for the implementation of license agreements.

· Collaborate with committees and Council working groups to license renewal negotiations and related activities.


In a small team, it is expected That Each person working objective is general the of CRKN and, at times, must make a team That May endeavor require the execution of tasks Normally beyond gold role ict expected. Other duties May be Assigned as needed.


The gold candidate (an) ideal (e) Possess The Following skills in terms of training, experience and qualifications:

  • post-secondary or college degree minimum in a field Such As library and information science and business administration / marketing. Studies in a comparable discipline Will Be Regarded.
  • Preference Will Be Given To applicants with relevant work experience – Ideally, experience working in a university library or a university publisher.

· Capacity Greater relationship management with customers and Ability to Maintain good working relationships in multiple and various organisms and various levels of a hierarchy ranging from specialists to managers.

· Knowledge of academic libraries and Their users, and the understanding of how library consortia, as well as trends, issues and challenges facing libraries in the provision of e-content services are an asset.

· Fluency in English and French, In Their written and oral, Including the Ability to make presentations and lead discussions in French.

· Experience of managing electronic resources and resolvers, and HAS working knowledge of related standards (KBART, COUNTER, etc.) is an asset.

  • above average in computer skills, PARTICULARLY Regarding Microsoft Outlook 2013 and the whole of Microsoft products, preference Will Be Given To candidates familiar with relational databases.

· Experience using Web systems and applications Both for the constitution of funds and information content for the dissemination of a Web content (p. Ex., Drupal).

· Know share of a team and to be reliable Clearly adapted to changing Circumstances and multiple deadlines and work under pressure by using discretion, tact and discernment.

· Demonstrated Ability to work indépendamment, Demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility to Produce results For the entire organization.

· Sustained attention to detail.

· The need for the candidate to reside in the area of ​​the national capital (Ottawa).

· Ability to travel occasionally considers.

· Must wish to join a team reconnu Internationally.