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Title: Special Projects Officer – EIS

Job Classification: P2

Reports to: Executive Director


The Special Projects Officer is a highly motivated and dynamic individual whose primary function is to develop and implement the plan of the proposed integrated ecosystem of knowledge (EIS). This person must be able to work in a team, know the environment of scholarly communication in Canada and be able to build relationships with staff from multiple agencies and levels. The Special Projects Officer, who reports to the CEO, will serve as the project manager of the EIS, by mapping existing initiatives in the academic library community, advancing the implementation of the drawing to capture occasions approved by the Board and by producing results in accordance with the project plan. The position requires a person capable of strategic thinking that is able to articulate the benefits and risks of various occasions and run a detailed tactical level to advance academic research in Canada.

The specific duties and responsibilities of the position are:

1)   Develop and implement the project plan IST

  • Based on the preliminary work done in Phase 1 of the project, develop a map of existing initiatives in the Canadian environment of academic libraries that can be used as a basis to determine the highest priority initiatives.
  • Develop a project plan for the implementation of the various phases of the EIS and discuss with the Executive Director.
  • Work closely and proactively with other members CRKN staff to benefit from their expertise and existing relationships to develop and implement the project plan.
  • Understand and keep abreast of current and emerging issues and trends in scholarly communication and digital research.
  • Develop as funding proposals as opportunities arise.

2)   Communications and External Relations

  • Based on the preliminary work done during phase 1 of the project and in collaboration with the CEO, maintain and develop relationships with other stakeholders in the ecosystem of digital knowledge, exploring partnership opportunities, where appropriate, and keeping abreast of their work in this area.
  • Establish a communication plan with members to ensure that the project continues to reflect the needs and interests of CRKN members.
  • Develop a communication plan to ensure that the overall stakeholder community is informed of changes in the EIS.
  • Cooperate with the committees and working groups of the Board related to the project of the EIS and support.

In a small team, it is expected that each person working on the general objectives CRKN and at times, we must make a team effort that could require the execution of tasks beyond the normal role or expected. Other duties may be assigned as needed.

Compensation: This position is the professional category 2 CRKN and the salary is commensurate with experience. A comprehensive set of benefits, including health insurance and supplemental dental and pension benefits, is also provided.

Expected date of appointment: March 2015, according to the availability of the selected candidate.

Duration: This is a contract position two (2) years with possibility of renewal for a period of one (1) year.

Note: CRKN welcomes applications from people willing to apply for a secondment or academic leave for the position.

Location: The CRKN offices in Ottawa. The Special Projects Officer will meet regularly with the Director General and CRKN staff. In addition, he will participate in consultations with member institutions CRKN and meetings with other interested organizations. Virtual meetings are common to CRKN. Periodic meetings face to face will be needed and will require further displacement. Given the nature of this project, CRKN is open to proposals of candidates who would like to do some of teleworking.

Application Process:

Please send a cover letter and resume no later than February 2, 2015 to:

Canadian Research Knowledge Network

11 Holland Avenue, Ste. 301

Ottawa (Ontario)

K1Y 4S1

Attention: Clare Appavoo, Executive Director

Email: (Please indicate « special projects officer » in the subject line)

Note: CRKN endorsed the principle of equal access to employment and implements policies and practices to create an inclusive and accessible workplace.